IPhone telephoto lens could tranform the normal iPhone become the professional photographic equipment

April 10, 2014-China-Today, the iPhone has already become one of the mainstream photographic equipment that many people want to shoot photos directly by iPhone and then quickly spread the photos on social networking sites. Furthermore, for those people who love to shoot animals in the wild environment and have to carry a bulky SLR camera and telephoto lens, there should be good news that the iphone telephoto lens from Zhongshan Optake Industrial Co., Ltd could help them get the same quality photo by small iPhone. Today, the technician from Optake.com will introduce with each reader their high quality iPhone camera lens.

The first product this technician wants to tell people should be the external camera. If people want to shoot the photo with macro, wide-angle and fish-eye effect, the solely supporting by APP on iPhone is not enough. At present, the most simply way is to add the external phone camera from optake.com. Currently, the most popular external cameras for iPhone should be fish eye, macro and wide-angle lens. In addition to the single effect lens, optake.com also sell combo and triple effect external cell phone camera. If readers have related demand for these products, please take a look at this website.

The second product which the technician wants to tell people should be the most hot selling external camera equipments of website optake.com. This is the iphone telescope. Now, if people want to find the difference between phone¡¯s camera effect and digital camera, it should be the effect of telephoto shooting. And the problem of the phone camera could be actually solved by adding a phone telescope lens such as the iPhone telephoto lens. However, the excessive zooming function of telephoto lens will lead to shaking phenomenon. So, if consumer wants to use a telephoto shot with stable shooting, it is best to purchasing a mobile phone tripod from optake.com.

After the introduction of above two sorts of external camera equipments, the other product should be the Wireless Shutter Remote Controller which is one kind of much-needed accessories for people who like self shooting. Most of people should usually think of that the quality of the photo which has been taken by front camera of mobile is not good. However, people could not effectively and properly control the appropriate position and angle of the back camera (www.optake.com). At this point, the wireless shutter remote controller should be very necessary.

Based on the functions of all equipments and small device above, each people who want to use their high quality smart phone such as iPhone to get the high quality photo could get satisfied effect.

About Zhongshan Optake Industrial Co., Ltd

Optake (https://www.optake.com/) is one of the most professional manufacturers of kinds of mobile phone camera lens including iphone telescope, iphone telephoto lens, and some other optical products, like gift monocular, binoculars, and relevant tripod and monopod of photo accessories.

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